Customer Reviews

Mr Low

I have lost count of the number of Subaru cars I have bought over the last 35 or so years.
Each successive model was better than its predecessor, and my latest Outback 2.5i CVT Premium is fast getting towards the driver-less car with 'Eyesight' pre-collision technology and 'lane sway' warning and correction.
It is just a huge computer on wheels, and the safety features are more than impressive.
This means there are several more knobs and switches around the steering wheel, but all are in easy reach whilst others are steering wheel mounted.
In addition to the other interior comforts which keep Subaru drivers like me coming back for more, the seven inch central screen with touch access to all the car's features is excellent.
The adaptive cruise control is quite amazing, and also unnerving the first time you use it.
I would take bets I was not the first driver to have have his right foot hovering over the brake as I approached a slower stream of cars in front.
From the second the twin cameras picked up the tail vehicle, the computer took over the brakes and accelerator, slowing the car so gently there was no sensation of braking.
As the queue in front speeded up, so did my Outback, holding me at the present distance behind the car in front.
The car is a class act even with the safety features switched off. The suspension is much firmer than my last 2L diesel, but the acceleration is smoother and quieter. I am currently getting 40 plus miles per gallon, and expect this to rise in the next few weeks.
Seat positioning for driver and passenger is electric and the dark leather trim is classy.
I have only one niggle regarding my new Outback.  Why have many of the internal variable settings, available on American and Australian models been restricted on the UK models?
You Tube is awash with videos of American and Australian videos of how to alter various settings, but they do not work on UK cars.
To sum up, my new Outback is better than I expected, but then again, that is what happens with each successive Subaru I buy. 

Mrs Blake

Our Subaru Outback was manufactured in 2010  -  purchased by us 26:10:12 - this vehicle was dogged by faults from the start of our ownership - cruise control, electrics - both wing mirrors failed - light stalk failed (all lights went out while driving in fog !) - and faulty DPF  - ALL these faults have been rectified over the years - and the vehicle is running well. No thanks to Subaru Customer Service ( Adrian Hogg & Simon Joseph) their motto is 'The Customer is always wrong' !!  Some lame excuses for the failure of the DPF are ridiculous - I have a full service book bang up to date and may I remind you that prior to our ownership - YOU had the vehicle at I.M. House Coleshill - I would enter the suggestion that you guys did not look after the vehicle as it deserved ! to sum up  I cannot speak for the Outback manufactured after 2010, they are probably wonderful BUT I would say steer clear of the 2010 product !   no hard feeligs    David Blake 

Mr Lefebvre

The outback is exceptional, ultra functional refined performance, quite ride, smooth operating boxer engine and the CVT is very well mated to the engine. It has very decent handling and legendary off road abilities. The outback is extremely well equipped and very solidly built to last. It offers some unique and amazing safety technology. I would say it’s extremely good value for money. This might be the best new car I have owned. If it’s as reliable as it’s reputation suggests it’s an absolute winner.

Mr Bird

The Subaru Outback I have is now one year old has a smooth and very comfortable ride although motorway driving can be a little noisy.  The layout is good and everything within easy reach for the driver.
A great amount of space giving us the ability to put the dog in the back and a large case and holdall using the dog guard and divider as well as (if needed) space for 4 passenger and driver to travel in comfort.

Mr Hood

I recently purchased the forester auto and very impressed with the handling and fuel consumption.I tour around the country with my Caravan and the handling of the car towing has been excellent biggest problem keeping to the speed limit it just wants to get faster well pleased.

Mr Mccord

What a great car - comfortable with a feeling of inherent safety!

Mr Warrier

My Outback is a 2.0D SE Premium, purchased April 2015.  Previously I had a Legacy for five years and loved it, but the Outback is a class above in every respect. Comfortable and very roomy, well equipped and with build quality to equal most German products. The engine and Lineartronic transmission are silky smooth giving excellent acceleration and the handling and road holding are incredible, the all- wheel drive system giving a real sense of security. It's major safety feature is EYE SIGHT, which gives warning of an imminent collision and will apply the brakes automatically if called for, and also warns of lane deviation - useful on motorways but I usually turn this off on normal roads. A fantastic car, I'm very glad I chose it and I'm surprised there aren't many more of them about.

Mr Perry

Subaru Outback 2010 model manual diesel.

Simply one of the best purchasing decisions I've made.

Bought this 2nd hand in a hurry in a rather unplanned way after managing to kill a Landrover Defender twin cab pick up skidding on some ice.

It's comfortable, reasonably quick, fairly economic to run (though service costs are on the high side) and better off road than the defender was.

To be fair to Landrover I'm sure I could have fitted mechanical diff locks and chunkier tyres and it would have performed much better off road (and don't think these options are available with the Outback) - but wearing tyres which allow you to think whilst driving on the motorway I have to say that the Outback wins the off-road contest hands down.

On a more subjective note I also like that it is just under-stated.  It's not some bling Chelsea tractor - just a simple practical car that gets where I need to with a minimum of fuss and has enough space to carry any gear / other people I need (though do miss the ability to carry the occasional  tonne of gravel / load of logs in the truck bed - trailers are a pain in comparison)

Mr May

My Subaru Outback is my first Subaru. It was two years old when purchased in June 2017.
I have been very impressed by the quality of customer care  service and now respect the models off road performance and body rigidity after my off road driving experience at the national Game Fair held at Hatfield House..
I have used my vehicle for driving off road  whilst enjoying country sports. 

Mr Cant

So today it snowed although I barely noticed it as I drove along narrow country lanes. The CVT gear box and clever all wheel drive left me feeling a little smug but safe and relaxed whilst others struggled. 

Mr Pryde

I did a lot of research before buying my Outback, and it's turned out to be everything I wanted it to be. It's reliable, comfortable, powerful enough, well built and spacious without being too big. It feels well planted on the road at all times.I love the feeling that I can trust it to get me anywhere, whatever the weather, and the fact that it's understated in relation to the obvious competition, not making any obvious 'statements'

Mr Mas

This is our fourth Subaru.  Our Outback D SE Premium Lineartronic is just six moths old and covered just over 12000 miles.  We have used it to tow livestock trailers out of muddy fields, boats up of greasy slipways, its travelled to and from our house in SW France towing heavy loads and it is perfect in ever way.  It is comfortable, roomy, economical, extremely sure footed and in our view all of the car anyone you could ever want!

Mr Gilbert

I drive a 2012 model diesel Outback bought second hand.  This is a fantastic distance car and very economic on fuel on the rare occasion that I travel really long distances. The salesman at the time assured me that the economies also applied for short daily runs.  This is not the case.  Worse still as my situation has changed so has the number of longer runs and I am plagued by soot filter problems.
I recommend this car if you regularly drive long distances, otherwise do as I will next time and buy the petrol model.

Mr Remmington

Love the drive, comfort and every day living with the car - and personal service from the dealer if there is a problem

Hate the horn, clunky gear lever, cant read the info screen when the sun shines on it or when wearing sun glasses and no where to put the key when driving

Mr Champion

Recent convert to Subaru after 25 years with SAABs. All very impressive BUT why sell such a good car with NO SPARE WHEEL? Not clever at all and flies in the face of stated Subaru ethos. The puncture repair kit is pathetic as if I would want my wife to have to fiddle with this in the dark in winter on a lonely Scottish highland road. Spoiling a good ship for a haporth of tar which is such a pity. Otherwise, so much to like with this vehicle which is a pleasure to drive - when I can pinch it from my wife who rates it very highly. PS. Bought a spare wheel and full jacking kit and really puzzled why not supplied with car.

Mr McCollum


Mr Organ

A lovelly car with a very smooth gearbox. Have not had to use offroad yet but have no concerns there (having had an Outback in the past). Would prefer more cubby holes for storage. The airbags/electronic seats etc take up space which could otherwise be used. Have managed by using the space where the spare wheel would have been

Mr Ward

I am two weeks into owning my Subaru Outback cvt diesel and so far am very happy with my purchase. The car is easy to drive, quiet on the road and I am confident with the all wheel drive. The engine is smooth and quiet when warm and although not as economical as some of the German 2 wheel drive estates I am still comfortably in the 40's and high end if not 50 on a run.
The car rides high on the road which I like and feels well put together. My previous cars have been 2 Volvo V70s an XC70 both now out of production, they were followed by a Mercedes E Class Estate. Although the  EClass  was larger in the boot the Subaru is very practical for carrying our two medium sized dogs with some good boot liner extras and not as much carpet to keep clean. So far this is a very practical motor and although I have lost quite few brake horsepower the high torque has caused me not to have any regrets. Subaru could look at finding another 30 brake horse to shave a few seconds off the 0 to 60 time, it would make a really nice car even better. Well worth a test drive if your in the market for a practical go anywhere estate car. All the dealers we contacted were great too.

Mr Lear

Not had it long but very impressed with the drive of it, the comfort and practicality. Judy wished I'd bought one earlier.

Mr Reid

Very good vehicle. What I come to expect from Subaru.
I believe the vehicle should have the following options,
Heated steering wheel,
Folding driving mirrors,
Domes for holding the internal mats in place rather than the cheap clips.

Mr Stokes

Over the many years of my life I have had a variety of makes/models of cars but the Subaru Outback is my first car in this category. I chose the top of the range model and have not been disappointed with it. The Outback is right at the top of all my previous cars. It drives beautifully smoothly holding the road wonderfully well in all weathers and conditions. It does not 'wallow' and is extremely comfortable to both driver and passengers. For a big estate car it gives a sense of great safety and is economical. I have completed 20,000 miles in two years and averaging 45mpg. The outback is full of gadets expected of vehicles at twice the ticket price. Lastly, I think I have been more impressed with the excelleration when needed for a 2ltr diesel engine.
Please don't just take my opinion - go and try one for yourself by finding a dealer near you. I bet you won't regret it and the experience could save you thousands of pounds against higher priced SUVs and not having such reliability with so much performance.

Dr Desai

Very planted and good around corners. Spacious enough to just throw a bike in the back without any hassle.New diesel engine is more torquey than the old one.

Mr Flemington

The Outback is my sixth subaru and the tenth in our family. They have 100% reliability are the most practical car I've ever owned. As a horse owner they are as good going across fields, towing and carrying all of my horse tack as they are on the road. Despite their practicality they are great fun to drive with sufficient performance for todays traffic conditions. The eyesight system is an excellent aid to driving and en you consider that all this is included in the basic specification they are very good value for money. 

Mr Stanford

I am highly delighted with the Subaru Cars that I have owned. I have just taken delivery of my  5th. Subaru Outback (New). They have all been reliable and excellent to drive only needing routine servicing. The latest Model ,in my opinion is good value for money, with excellent comfort and many safety features. Living in the country I find the 4 wheel drive facility very useful as nobody seems to pull over onto the verges in the winter. On the open road the roadholding is exceptional.

Mr Gill

My Subaru Outback was a fine reliable car.  It handled well and was pretty economical.  I have sold it now.  There were some negative points:
Six years for reapplying waxy underseal is too long, rust spots on the chassis start to appear after 4 years.  The speedo is inaccurate, it measures +10% or 5mph over the actual speed, which ever is the smallest.  The push button start feature is way too slow and in some cases really dangerous.  The safety warning on the TV screen on start up is miserable, you have to dangerously press a button whilst on the move to get rid of it.  This step never made me happy and was always irritating.    The average MPG calculation is incorrect and typically between 5 to 10% over optimistic.   I don't like inaccuracy, it smacks of the same mentality as VW emissions.

Mr Blair

Subaru Outback is performing really well.
I wish that Tech Support at Subaru (Not the dealer) performed. Despite requesting assistance all I have had is reviews and questionnaires enquiring ho good they were. Sorry Tech Support might be good if they bothered to respond to emails as there is no Customer Service helpline.

Mr Lawson

Very well made. Feels secure on the road. My last outback had the 2.5L petrol engine, which went very well but took time to wind up, This outback has the 2L turbo diesel which gives immediate response. I hope I can restrain myself so it will give better fuel consumption.

Mr Smith

The Outback is excellent value for money and is so well finished. Carries my two German Shepherd dogs in comfort.